Outlook Google Calendar Sync- How to fix it-

Outlook Google Calendar Sync: How to fix it?

Outlook is a popular email service provider; it helps us to exchange ideas and information without any chaos. There are different problems and drawbacks interlinked with the same like Outlook error code 0x800ccc0e. Here, in this article, we would like to discuss the steps to sync Google calendar with Outlook. If you want to see the Outlook calendar in Google calendar, you must sync it first. Try to follow the steps and fix it.

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Before we move towards the steps to sync Outlook Calendar with Google, it is necessary to understand the need of synchronizing it. The calendar services play a vital part, as the users rely on it. We save the events on our list, and it reminds us about the various events. The main reason of syncing of Outlook calendar in Google calendar to stay updated and notified regarding the multiple dates and events.

Benefits of Outlook Google calendar sync

If you sync the Google calendar with the Outlook calendar, you must realize you can see outlook calendar in Google. Also, it would give you with benefit to have a look at multiple calendars. It also gives you the advantage that you can log on from any of the computers you want if you are connected to the internet. You wouldn’t face any difficulty regarding syncing issue; everything would be stored online. Outlook Google calendar sync solves the problems like scheduling and appointments of the various events.

Syncing Outlook Calendar with Google allows its users to access Gmail, Google calendar, contacts via active sync protocol of Microsoft exchange. It basically, is a technology that gave the users of Outlook, the benefit to sync their account with Gmail. Information related to their contacts and calendar.

Benefits of syncing Outlook calendar with Google calendar

  • First of all, it helps us to remember the dates of the event. In short, it is a reminder.
  • Scheduling and rescheduling becomes simple and easy
  • You can easily install and use it
  • It is a cost saving process
  • It provides us with full security
  • No matter what, most reliable source
  • The most important benefit it gives is that once you can see Outlook calendar in Google calendar, you can efficiently manage the entire work or proceed with the work as you want to.

Why to Outlook Google calendar sync?

  • You can use two calendars for different jobs
  • Out of the two calendars, one is for the personal use and the second is for work
  • It works offline too. So that you can use it on the desktop also and not just online
  • You must set up a Google calendar for collaboration, to see information Microsoft Outlook

How to fix Outlook Google Calendar Sync?

  • You must make sure to download Google Apps Sync
  • Then, install Google Apps Sync
  • You are supposed to enter your Email Address that is interlinked with Google apps calendar under the email address
  • You should remember to check it
  • Do not forget to click on ‘continue.’
  • Again click on continue
  • You are supposed to type your email address, under the username
  • Do not forget to enter your password of the Google apps
  • Click on the sign in button
  • Under the Google apps, Outlook, click on the accept button
  • Click on the Create Profile
  • Next, you are supposed to click on Microsoft Outlook
  • Under the profile name, you can change the name under the profile name
  • Next, click ‘ok.’

These are the steps you can use to Outlook Google calendar sync. You can try to follow the steps one by one and sync your Outlook with Google calendar. We hope after reading this article, you might have understood the various benefits and uses of syncing Outlook with Google calendar. Also, if you want to see an Outlook calendar with Google calendar, you must sync it.

If you want to sync it manually, you can read this article and follow the steps accordingly. In case, you are facing trouble regarding the issue; you can take the help of the experts and technicians as well. If you have any doubt regarding the problem, you can contact the Outlook Customer Care. The experts are present 24*7 to help you out with all the troubles you have been facing. You can take the help of the engineers to sort out the issue.

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